We love mountains and vastness, oceans and lakes. We do it indoors and outdoors, on paper and digital.

With us there are children, monsters and cattle. We create pictures and we move objects in spaces. We find new forms and set marks.

We like to get lost and meet again at the finish line. We listen and have our own thoughts on the matter.

We believe in people and in the power of community. We wouldn’t dare to say we're special, but somehow our work is.

People & Passions

Sven Becker always finds the right path, whether in Ai or on a high plain of Saxon Switzerland.  Maximilian Birkenhagen loves details and is delighted by techno rhythms during sunset.  Denise Bliesener combines competencies and likes to go into the downward looking dog.  Antje Blust moves emotional images and loves watermelons.  Katrin Fritz loves illustrating and has a passion for dancing barefoot in the sun!  Philipp Groha is an absolute teamplayer and if he wants to be alone, he gets under his E21.  Niels Grugel likes to change perspectives and constantly screws on his synchro.  Hannes Hoepfner loves to simplify complex applications and sings in Berlin cornerkneipen.  Sören Klingsporn is always looking for the „Big Picture“ and LEGO-Pro through and through.  Leonie Koch sleeps freely under the open sky and Java is not an Indonesian island for her.  Alexander Kohler programs practically in his sleep and cooks the most delicious dishes.  Kim Köster always has the goal in mind and enjoys the absurd.  Angela Mai juggles numbers perfectly and is often to be found in Azeroth.  Julia Nagel brings creative ideas together and bursts with positive energy.  Patrick Nitzsche designs for a wide range of worlds and likes aerosol.  Lisa Overmann works well founded on every task and competes as a German champion in Roller Derby.  Max Preti likes projects and to stand on various boards; his strength is his tranquility.  Maximilian Schrader Rohde loves to make everything possible and enjoys growing the plants.  Christian Skeide is full of action and seizes every opportunity to travel to the mountains.  Elias Suske has an insatiable sense of knowledge and is often on the road with synthesizer, guitar and micro. 

We & You?

You have your own style and a special passion? Perfect! Bring both with you and enrich the interdisciplinary Zentralnorden puzzle!

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Brands & Friends

11FreundeAccentureAnimal EqualityBastian SchweinsteigerBlackYakBobalisBouldergartenBultmanns HoffDas ArtyFour MusicGU VerlagHolzmarktKWERKlunkerkranichLemonaidLollapaloozaLufthansaMercedes-BenzMärkische Allgemeine ZeitungPablo & PaulSpooningTÜV NordVolkswagen


There is much to say about our work and a lot to see. You want a customized sneak peak? We are happy to send you a portfolio!



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Zentralnorden Kreativgesellschaft mbH
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